Slogans And Messages

1) Save the trees…save the world

2) Shopping and saving the planet at the same time.

3) Say “NO” to “Paper or Plastic”

4) The color green looks good on planet Earth.

5) I am not a plastic bag.

6) There is nothing plastic about me

7) Save our babies. Say ‘no’ to plastic bags. (with the picture of a sea or turtle)

8) Reduce Reuse Recycle

9) My grocery bag is made of
Jute [Cotton]
What is yours made of?

10) We need trees too! (with picture of animals)

11) This is what my parents gave me…This is what I intend to give my kids.
(with the picture of planet Earth in the centre)

12) Don’t give me plastic…It will be my last meal! [With a turtle in the middle]

13) I love green.

17) I love baby seals.

18) Proud to be an ENVIRONMENTALIST.

19) This is my GROCERY BAG. Where is yours?

20) A treehugger at work!

21) You do not have to be a SUPER HERO to save the planet; you just have to be a
      little more responsible.

23) See the simplicity in reusing things.

24) Responsible moms use reusable bags.

25) Three reasons I want to save the planet:

       1) I have nowhere else to go!
       2) I love it here!
       3) Where else will I find Chocolates?

26) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

27) World’s greatest environmental Mom.


29) Ten reasons to say ‘NO’ to paper bags.

      1. 14 million trees were cut down in the year 1999 alone to manufacture paper bags.
      2. Paper bags require four times more energy to manufacture than plastic bags.
      3. The production of paper from tree pulp involves harmful chemicals and energy.
      4. Cutting down trees for paper has led to increase in green house gases, the root cause for global warming.
      5. Cutting down trees causes mud and land slides.
      6. Deforestation is also responsible for sudden floods.
      7. Cutting down trees has led to the extinction of many plants and animals.
      8. Deforestation is one of the causes for drought and untimely rain.
      9. Paper is biodegradable. But in today’s landfills, sunlight, air and water cannot reach the bio-degradable trash resulting in only partial decomposition.
      10. Scientists are working on obtaining alternative fuel from live trees.

30) Ten reasons to say ‘NO’ to plastic bags.

      1. Petroleum and other chemicals are used to make plastic bags.
      2. More than 100 billion grocery bags are used each year.
      3. Plastic bags do not bio-degrade.
      4. Only 1 to 3 percent of plastic bags are recycled.
      5. 17 cents are spent to collect, haul and dispose a single plastic bag.
      6. Recycling plastic bags is much more time and energy consuming than recycling soda cans and plastic bottles.
      7. Around 100,000 seals, turtles, whales and other marine creatures are killed each year due to accidental ingestion of plastic bags.
      8. Plastic bags are damaging the coral reefs.
      9. Plastic bags are responsible for the decline in the Hawaiian Albatross population.
      10. When plastic bags break down, they release toxins that contaminate the soil and waterways.