Artwork Specifications


We require artwork from PC created files supplied using any of the following:

* Illustrator CS5
* Photoshop CS5
* In design CS5
* Quark Xpress

Earlier versions of all the above are OK.

MS WORD files cannot be accepted. Programs preferred are Illustrator and Photoshop. Artwork created on Mac and PC must have all text outlined and must be an original EPS vector file. Please verify that the disk you are supplying can be read and that the artwork can be opened from it before sending - we often receive disks which are corrupt or do not contain the correct artwork.


We can accept artwork on the following disk formats.

* 100 PC zip
* CD

For other options on sending us artwork - click here

Scans and placed EPS's

4 colour scans are to be supplied in Photoshop CS5 (or earlier) format.
Scans must be supplied at finished size with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.
Wherever possible a hard copy of all scans used is to be supplied with digital artwork.

Transparencies and Photographs

If you are supplying media for high resolution scanning, the position of the scan must be indicated on the supplied artwork.


All screen and printed fonts used on the artwork must be supplied OR all text must be turned to outlines this is particularly important in Quark Xpress and Indesign. For Illustrator - all fonts, including those in placed images & EPS's MUST be included. We cannot print out high resolution films without these fonts.

Multi Colour Work

Please supply a colour hard copy with all digital artwork.
If not being printed in the 4 process colours (CMYK) all colours must be spot colours preferably pantone. Each different colour should be on a separate layer where possible, this enables us to add grips and bleeds, where necessary.

Try to keep all artwork in the same software, we prefer Illustrator.