Amanasia Canvas Bags

The canvas bags of Amanasia have earned a near-legendary status in the past few years in the world of designer bags. We can boast of our expanse across more than 20 countries of the world and having earned the title of being the leading manufacturer and exporter of canvas bags. For those who want to possess a unique collection of bags as an important accessory to complement their outfit, we have our customized collection for such esteemed customers. From tote bags to backpacks, Amanasia canvas bags come in a wide variety of sizes and designs for which they have become a staple in the family luggage of every household. All our bags are reasonably priced so that you can stock up anything from our store that grabs your attention. And trust us our canvas bag collection is really something that will never let you walk out of our store without taking your pick.

Want to be a trendsetter?

We believe not in going with the crowd but to make the crowd follow us. With such objective in mind, we make sure all our products are unique in their designs and they give you an aesthetic fulfilment once used.

When Amanasia’s first online store was launched 18 years ago, the motto of the company was to create something, “straightforward, simple and stylistic.” The meticulous blending of the three “S”s has played the key role in our growing success in cotton bag industry. While others fall for design ideas, Amanasia boasts rightfully of taking the lead in making original designs.

For promotional canvas bags we create personalized slogans that say a bit of the company or organisation that wants to promote their business ideas through us.

Our latest collection of canvas pouches are based on parenting theme that you can gift to someone on her baby shower or as a wedding gift. We try to include the important social and cultural events and design our bags highlighting their importance in our lives. For example, when you gift someone a pouch with a tagline “You look beautiful” or “You’re special” etched on it, your gift indeed adds more warmth to its recipient.

Want customized canvas weekender bags?

Amanasia puts their customer’s preference at the top of their priority list when it comes to business strategy. That is why we make bags according of various sizes according to your need whether it is for carrying your grocery or for stocking unused knickknacks. Even you can use our Canvas Weekender Bags as a spacious backpack to accommodate your belongings for a weekend trip.

You can customize our extra-large canvas bags with traditional or trendy handles, dual-tone or solid colour combination or you may use tie and die on natural canvas to give you bag an ethnic touch.

Our canvas weekender bags include exterior and interior pockets to keep your toiletries or other medicines organised while travelling long distance. If you have an artistic bent of mind and want your belongings reflect your aesthetic nous, you can customize your canvas bag with rich plaids or colourful trims that adds more joy to your travelling experience.

If you are not satisfied with our product or face any manufacturing problem or that of any kind, call our customer care for a return or refund of its sale price.